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Jason “The Captn” Barbosa

April 7, 2013 1 comment

Last night I had a chance to talk with Captn Barbosa and pick his brain. Enjoy!

Me: Hey Jason, thanks for sitting down with me and taking the time to do a quick interview with me.

Jason: Hey Aaron, no problem man. It’s always fun to answer questions when someone realizes what you’re doing is interesting. What do you have for me?

Me: For the readers out there who don’t know you, who are you and what do you do?

Jason: I am Jason “The Captn” Barbosa, I’ve been doing video productions around gamer culture and eSports for about 5 years now and I help run a little LAN event for the Gears of War community called Hypefestation.

Me: Awesome man, sounds like you’re living the dream! So now that you’re working for IPL, how many events have you been to?

Jason: Honestly, working for IPL, I only did 3 events. IPL5 being the mothership event, I helped a small Starcraft set of show matches at DICE in Vegas, and I’m here now at the Shootmania Launch event. Most of the events I’ve attended, I’ve gone on my own accord or found work for those events.

Me: From the live stream I watched yesterday, the Shootmania Launch event was pretty awesome. I’m sure you had a great time. Out of all the events you have attended or worked, do you have a favorite one?

Jason: This is a tough choice to make. If I had to choose, PAX East 2010 was where it all really started for me. That was the break out event that I networked really good at and all my friends did too. That was a pretty stacked group of friends and we’re all working in different places in the industry now. I look at this picture almost like a yearbook graduating class picture.

Me: It’s amazing how far you have come thus far. Being a gamer, I have to ask, what games are you currently playing? What upcoming games are you looking forward to most?

Jason: I’m playing the hell out of Gears of War: Judgment for obvious reasons and when I get to take a break from that, I like signing into Planetside 2 and I recently was playing a lot of Tera online.

Me: How did you get your start in in the gaming industry?

Jason: Well this is a long story I’m going to try and explain as fast as possible. It started with my buddy, Aaron Hassell, and we were in a BF2 clan. I had a lot of my own video equipment at the time and we wound up scoring some really good Battlefield interviews at New York Comic Con in 2009. We had such a great time interviewing people and the videos were successful on their small cult scale, we decided to make a website that focused on prominent gamers in the industry. We didn’t care about the games, but it was about the gamers. The interviews we did kept getting us great contacts and we started getting invited to events to do more and more interviews for “”

Word got around that I was an avid video producer doing things for gamers and I got a few contracting jobs doing some streams and videos, including WCG when they were big, and I just kept my momentum up. I got involved with Gears because I fell in love the Gears community at MLG Meadowlands 2009. They have so much passion and emotion when they play and the gameplay lends itself to great moments so I decided to support that community with my video production skills and show the competitive gaming industry that THIS is how you have fun at an event.

Me: I couldn’t agree with you more. The Gears community has always backed their game, players and each other. Their passion is overwhelming.

You have seen many cosplayers over the years at the events, who’s your favorite?

Jason: Oh god another tough question… I really look forward to what Yaya Han creates because everything she does is super custom and well detailed because it has to be to form fit her “wonderful” physique.

Me: Can you tell us about Hypefestation and how it was started?

Jason: Well… I had just finished streaming for a local LAN in NJ with Michael Murray and we were just so disappointed with the experience, the viewership, the administration of the tournament and it left a bad taste in our mouthes because we did a lot of work moving all our video gear in and out but we couldn’t capitalize on a great stream because the competition was running slow and disorganized. After that event, I immediately called Caesar Noriega and asked him what he was up to for Gears of War 3. It hadn’t even come out yet and he’s a big personality lead in that community so I called him. It was funny because Caesar thought I was spying on him or something because he was planning a Gears of War 3 LAN with Joey Salzman in Long Island. I told him I wanted in. Murray and I will do the video and put on an awesome high quality show, and you guys run the tournament and we got ourselves a match. That’s how the LAN initiative started. We had like a 3 hour conversation at Chipotle on what we should call the event and we never came up with anything until I was dropping everyone off at home. I wanted the name to invoke excitement and that it resembled an event without being an acronym. Contrary to popular belief, Hypefestation actually stands for Hype Festival Competition all squished into one word. When I told that to Caesar and Murray (who were left in the car) they were sold and Hypefestation was born.

Me: So we have Chipotle to thank for the awesome LANs! Ha ha. Who would have guessed Hypefestation would come from Hype Festival Competition.

Do you have any shout outs? How can people interact with you via social media?

Jason: Ah Shout Outs. I know so many great people and I feel like I never dish out enough credit during one of these. First big shout out to Michael Murray for tag teaming the video process with me and getting the shows started. Shout out to Caesar, Joey, and Burger for being the first class of Hypefestation and getting this thing going. Fatalstryke has been instrumental when it comes to motivating each other. His insight to what the community needs to be happy is always spot on. Shout out to Raczilla, iFlak, Pete Nub at Epic and even though Quinn moved on, shout out to him to for caring about the community and giving GoW:J a chance to hold some really solid competitive gameplay.

Me: Thanks for taking your time to sit down with me Jason. I look forward to seeing you at future events.

Make sure you check Jason out on Twitter and on Hypfestation on Facebook!


Halo 3: Road to 50!

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