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Mommy Gamers Episode 13

October 25, 2012 Leave a comment

Check out the latest episode of the Mommy Gamers!

“In an attempt to get to know Desirai a little better, her brother Eddie joins Marcia and Desirai and while he is not a Mommy, he is a Daddy and tells stories that will have you laughing out loud. The girls share a breast cancer awareness tip for the guys, because breast cancer doesn’t discriminate. October is also anti-bully month and they discuss the importance of monitoring your children’s interactions with people both in real life and especially online.”


The Mommy Gamers 12: Fingering Monsters

October 21, 2012 Leave a comment

Check out the 12 episode of the Mommy Gamers! Give them a like on their channel if you liked the podcast.

“Marcia and Desirai are once again joined by the amusing Stephanie Bayer from PopCap Games. Because it’s October the girls have another weekly Breast Cancer prevention tip. They talk about the newly released Just Dance 4, Shadows of the Damned…questioning the sanity of Suda51 based on his strange video game themes, and how Stephanie plays Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 instead of sleeping. The amazing Ohio State University marching band video game halftime show launches the ladies into a reminiscing discussion of their band geekiness that may or may not have gone on a little too long.”

The Mommy Gamers Episode 11

Check out the eleventh episode of the mommy gamers! Don’t forget to give them a like!

“Marcia aka PandaJax and Desirai are joined this week by Nori Fox, a mother and grandmother, Microsoft MVP, Xbox Ambassador, part of the good game network, and gaming for others charity…is there anything she doesn’t do?”

The Mommy Gamers!

September 20, 2012 1 comment

If you love podcast as much as I do, you should check out this awesome podcast by the Mommy Gamers! The podcast is hosted by moms who are all about gaming! This is the show from last week. Make sure you tune in for the next show!

Thanks for the Mommy Gamers for letting me post their podcast on my blog! Look for more of their awesome content in the weeks to come!

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Nikeary! SC2 Live Podcast

I had the pleasure of meeting two amazing ladies while working for MLG in the Pro Shop this past weekend. We started talking about their awesome shirts and I learned they’re StarCraft 2 players who love to stream!

Here is a little information about them and how they got into streaming. “We (Nike (Nikeagogo) and Ary (Aryliss)) have been playing video games (MMORPGs, RTS, FPS, etc.) since we were children. We grew up in a culture that in the majority, disapproved of gaming. We spent our years quietly cultivating a passion for intelligent play. As we grew into the women we are today, we have experienced first hand the phenomenon of eSports, the dedication of pro-gamers and commentators, and the intrinsic spectator and fan community that is systematically escalating eSports into the mainstream. When Starcraft 2 came out, we both focused on it. It was through playing Starcraft 2 that we met, and through Starcraft 2 that we have shared our passion for gaming. The NikeAry stream is the coming together of our love for the game. Nike is a Mechanical Engineer with a classic arts background. Ary is a Graphic Designer with strong understanding of team dynamics based on her years playing World of Warcraft. The NikeAry stream brings our knowledge, background and enthusiasm to one platform in order to provide more content to the eSports scene.”

Check out the Best of 7 podcast! They talk about everything that has happen within the week! It’s a great way to really get to know them and learn all about StarCraft!

Make sure you check out their podcast on their twitch channel –
Thursday, August 30th – Interviewing the founder of the barcraft movement, Oskar (o_Oskar from reddit).
Saturday, September 1st – Interviewing the SC2 group, VivaLaDirt @ 8PM EST.


I’m really excited to watch the live podcast this Thursday and Saturday. These ladies are very knowledgeable and also know how to have a great time! I’m looking forward to the stream! ❤

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Rebel Gaming Live – Black Ops 2

Last night I was a guest on the Rebel Gaming Live show! We talked all about Black Ops 2 and we touched on other subjects throughout the night. Here is the podcast from last night. Feel free to discuss it below and let me know what you think! Don’t forget to tune in next Monday at 10pm EST. We will be discussing Halo 4 and taking questions from the chat! Special thanks to my cohost 😉

Steph @IRGRL
Dom @DomMahoney @FragDudes
Jay @The_Skelly
Nick @ImMarksman
Bryan @iPr0Ph3T

You can listen to the podcast here –

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